Medical Care for Children with Special Health Needs

Did you know that one in five families has a child with a special health care need? These children or adolescents have health or developmental conditions that are expected to last longer than a year and may require more healthcare than other children. Some will require medications, while others may need therapies, counseling or special equipment.

Having health providers who know your child and their conditions make your work, as a parent and advocate of a child with special healthcare needs more manageable. You can trust Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents to provide the understanding, caring medical attention you need most.

Chapel Hill & Durham, NC Resources for Children with Special Needs

At Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents, we understand that each child’s healthcare demands vary, and we work to provide the supports and services you and your child may need. Our practice has two care coordinators to help you find the right equipment, specialists, and community resources for your family.

Whatever you are looking for — a day camp for your child with autism, a lactation consultant, a children’s heart specialist, or a child mental health provider — our practice can help you locate important patient resources. Our doctors maintain connections with pediatric sub-specialty physicians or therapists in private practices, as well as with Duke Medicine, UNC Medical Center, and other community assistance for your child.

The care coordinators will also make sure that all of our office personnel are aware of any particular needs your child may have when you visit our clinic (longer time for appointments, picture boards for better communication, etc.). Our care coordinators will also contact you prior to all health supervision visits so we are better prepared for the visit.

The Chapel Hill & Durham, NC Pediatricians Who Are on Your Team

We believe that parents are our best partners in providing care for all children, but especially for those with chronic or complex health conditions. We are committed to collaborating with you and other members of your child’s team (educators, physicians, therapists, etc.) to help you organize and understand your child’s special condition, and in so doing, facilitate and maintain access to the excellent health care services your child deserves.