New Patient Information

Are you looking for a pediatrician in the Chapel Hill or Durham, NC area? Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents offers the highest level of pediatric health care, paired with understanding and consideration for our patients. We do all we can to provide the information and patient resources you need when you need them.

Most of the pediatricians at Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents are accepting new patients. You can meet our qualified and experienced doctors on our primary care providers page.

To become a new patient, fill out a new patient packet for your newborn or your family. Please bring Newborn Discharge Summary or Hospital packet with you to your first appointment.

Meet and Greet Sessions with Chapel Hill Pediatrics

The practice offers complimentary “Meet and Greet” sessions for new parents, families new to the area and parents exploring a change in pediatric providers. Information about the practice, routine examinations and immunizations, and frequently asked questions will be discussed. If you would like to meet a specific provider, a private consultation can be arranged through our appointment staff. There is a fee for an individual consultation.

The Meet and Greet sessions are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. If you would like to attend our new family session, please call 919-942-4173 and press option 2 and give your name, phone number, and the session you plan to attend. This registration is not mandatory, but it does allow us to plan and also to contact you should a class need to be changed or canceled.

Setting Up Your Account and First Appointment at Chapel Hill Pediatrics

To register with our office as new patients, please call us at (919) 942-4173 and press option 2 for scheduling. Please let the receptionist know that you are wanting to register new patients.  Let the staff member know which office you would prefer to visit and which pediatrician you would like to see (if you have a preference). If you need to schedule an appointment, the staff member can also do that when you call to register with our office.  Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents will do our best to promptly see new patients for well-child physical exams and routine care of chronic issues. We also go out of our way to offer same-day availability for acute care appointments (sick visits).

If your child is a new patient and has special health needs, please let our staff know so that the pediatrician and/or care coordinator can assist in planning for the visit. When transferring your child’s care from another practice, please fill out a medical records release form at your prior office and request they send the records to Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents, PA. Please also request that they fax your child’s immunization records to us at (919) 933-3473.

You can also fill out a medical records request form and drop it off at our office or fax it to us at (919) 933-3473 so that we can request prior medical records for you. Please note that you must complete a release form for each child and each practice where your children were previously seen.

Prenatal & Newborn Care in Chapel Hill, Durham & Surrounding Area

After you deliver your baby, please inform the hospital staff in Labor and Delivery that Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents will be caring for your baby (offering the name of any of our pediatricians, too, often reduces confusion). Additionally, should you have pressing concerns not answered by the hospital personnel, please call our office and get a message to our on-call pediatrician.

Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents will meet your baby when you schedule the first hospital follow-up appointment. We recommend that all infants be seen within 24-48 hours of discharge from the hospital. Our pediatricians can provide ongoing newborn/infant care and pediatric services throughout your child’s life.

Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents are always happy to welcome new patients! With two pediatric center locations in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, we see many patients from surrounding cities, including Mebane, Raleigh, Butner, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Creedmoor, Pittsboro, Leesville, Wake Forest and beyond.

Immunization Schedule

BIRTH – Hepatitis B*

2 MONTHS – Pediarix (DTap, Hep B, Polio)* Rotavirus, Prevnar 13, HIB*

4 MONTHS – Pediarix*, Rotavirus, Prevnar 13, HIB*

6 MONTHS – Pediarix*, Rotavirus, Prevnar 13

12 MONTHS – MMR*, Varivax (Varicella)*, Hepatitis A

15 MONTHS – HIB*, Prevnar 13


24 MONTHS – Hepatitis A

4-6 YEARS – MMR*, Varivax*, Kinrix (DTaP, Polio)*

11+ YEARS – TDaP*, Menveo, HPV (3 dose series), Bexsero (2 dose series)

YEARLY – Influenza (Injection ONLY)

* North Carolina School Entry Requirement